First blog


Welcome to my Blog. I intend to use this space to express my thoughts as my days go by and my images evolve.

Today, I had the most wonderful time exploring the coast of the Mull of Kintyre. I had no idea that the views of the island of Gigha and Jura would be so awesome. The sand on the beaches here are white and the water turquoise, add to that the incredible ancient geological structures that litter the beaches. Stones of every colour from yellow to pink and grey. Pip had a great time too, she ran around picking up stones and jumping off small rocks into the water. She did her mermaid act as usual, sitting or lying on the one rock I had in my photo!


As if there weren’t lots of others to choose from – but no, she likes to get in the shot. So, the rather misty, calm and thoughtful images of my day were actually interspersed with me alternately shouting at her to get off the rocks or throwing something up the beach while I pressed the shutter for a 30 second exposure.

Example below, Pip off to the left trying to find a stone…..


Anyway I spotted several fantastic places for another day and I can’t wait until dawn is late enough that I can get down there early – it takes 2 hours with a ferry journey in between.
Well, back home now and celebrating the end of a good day with a nice glass of red wine followed by watching the Olympic closing ceremony, not bad…
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