Rare Species: Female Landscape Photography and the Societies’ Convention 2016


Delighted to announce that I will be speaking at the Societies’ annual convention in London in January, it’s Europe’s largest photography convention. I am in great company as some really famous photographers will be there! 11148571_10153083727027935_3418540124110605131_o-169x250

The Societies include photography in every genre – Wedding and Portrait, International Fashion and Glamour, Travel and Tourism, Commercial, Industrial, Sport, Leisure, Nature, Wildlife, Media, Press, School and Events…..somewhere in there I fit in with my Landscape photography….not quite sure where though as this will be my first time.

My topic will be

Have you ever noticed that there seem to be far fewer women in landscape photography than men? Why is that? While there may have been reasons for gender bias in the past, are those same barriers preventing women from joining in nowadays? Things are not quite so imbalanced in other genres of photography like portraiture and wedding, so, do women prefer the more social types of photography or are we just afraid of getting out there in the wild?

In this topical discussion we will ask the question, is there any fundamental difference in the images we like to make or is it all a question of how we sell ourselves? Join Lynne for a lively debate on the topic of gender imbalance and ways in which we can encourage more women to get involved in photography.  

2 thoughts on “Rare Species: Female Landscape Photography and the Societies’ Convention 2016

    1. Hey Rachael, sorry for the slow reply, not been on my blog for ages. Glad to hear you are interested in coming! I am hoping to generate some discussion as it is a fascinating topic!


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